I was recently a hospital in-patient with post-operative sepsis following a stent exchange procedure. During this admission I made some observations on the quality of my care. Perhaps the starkest of these was that not every member of staff who approached me introduced themselves. We have it drilled into us on day 1 of Clinical Medicine learning that starting the relationship with a patient begins with an introduction. It was easy marks in our exams. I’m sure it is the same for nursing and other healthcare professionals too. But something has failed…

As a healthcare professional you know so much about your patient. You know their name, their personal details, their health conditions, who they live with and much more. What do we as patients know about our healthcare professionals? The answer is often absolutely nothing, sometimes it seems not even their names. The balance of power is very one-sided in favour of the healthcare professional.

I have always been a strong believer in getting to know people’s names as part of building good working relationships with both patients and other colleagues. I think it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care and often getting the simple things right, means the more complex things will follow more easily and naturally.

So here the idea of #hellomynameis is born. If you support this idea please leave a comment below with your introduction to a patient. By doing this you are pledging to introduce yourself to every patient you meet. Please share this page with as many healthcare professionals as possible and let’s make things better… The NHS employs 1.7 million people. The majority of these people will interact with patients on some level. Let’s see how many pledges we can get!

Here is mine to get us started:

“Hello. My name is Dr Kate Granger. I’m one of the senior doctors who will be looking after you on the ward while you’re with us. How are you feeling today?”

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450 thoughts on “#hellomynameis

  1. Hello my name is Angie, I am a staff nurse and I will be looking after you today, just press the buzzer I have explained to you, or if you see one of my work friends just ask them for me.

  2. Hello my name is Janette, I’m just a staff nurse, that listened to you at the ‘Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’ ‘The Value of Mentorship in Practice Education’…..Thank You so so much for travelling up, Profound impact on me, and already sharing this message with everyone I work with..x

  3. Hello My name is Cynthia Cudal,i am a Nurse Practitioner,the nurse asked me to do a little check on you tonight as she is worried that you may not be feeling well…i will be doing some test and will get back to you for the result and will give you the appropriate treatment that will make you feel better…

  4. Good Morning I am Carmel Bussenschutt and I am your Personal Care Assistant….I have come to assist you with your shower today…How are you coping around your house after your Knee Replacement? is there anything else we can assist you with?

  5. Hello my name is Tracey, I am one of the sisters on the ward. How are you feeling today? is there anything you need at the moment? I am here until… let me know if you need anything.

  6. Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m the nurse who’s going to be looking after you on the stroke unit tonight. If you need me, I’m here for you.. just let me know.

  7. Hello, my name is Carrie and i am the person helping you with your Telehealth appointment today. Let e explain how Telehealth works and then i will leave you to speak to the Dr/Nurse in private, and I will be at reception if you need help, please pick up the phone and dial reception

  8. Hello, my name is Erica and I will be looking after you today. How are you feeling, did you get any sleep. Can I make you a drink? I will pop in regularly today , if you need me , just press your call bell and myself or one of my colleagues will come.

  9. Hello there, I’m Jayne and I’m the nurse looking after you today. How are you? Did you manage to get any sleep? Have you understood everything the drs and nurse have been saying to you? Would you like me to go through things with you? Have you got everything you need? This is what I’m planning to do today, does that sound like a good plan? I’m going to be popping by to see how you are frequently but if you need me in between times, that’s the call bell over there…and before I go, have you had a cup of tea yet?

  10. Hello my ne is Caroline. I am the ward manager of this specialist rehab unit and I am here to ensure you obtain theosr put of your rehabilitation experience x

  11. Hello. My name is Magdalena and I’m the baby doctor. I will be looking after your little one while you are with us on the ward. Have you got any questions for me?

  12. Hello My name is Stewart, I’m one of the pharmacists looking after your medication. Is there anything you’d like me to explain about your drugs?

  13. Hi, I’m Rosie. I haven’t met you before. I’m one of the nurses who will be helping look after you today/tonight. Give me a shout if you need anything.

  14. Hello, I’m Michelle, Welcome to the Admissions Unit, please come this way and I will show you to bed space. We will get you admitted and ready for theatre and take you round to the ward as soon as a bed is available.

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