Hi all – Kate sadly passed away in July 2016 however i am continuing her legacy through #hellomynameis and will regularly upload blogs to here.  Thank you all

Below is the biography that Kate wrote in 2013/4

I am a 32 year old final year Elderly Medicine Registrar working in Yorkshire in the UK. Nothing unusual about that really. But I am also a cancer patient, a terminally ill one with a very rare and aggressive form of sarcoma. On my blog I muse about current issues especially relating to end of life care, communication and patient centredness. I also write about my experiences as I approach the end of my life.

I have written 2 books, The Other Side and The Bright Side. We sell these with all profits being donated to the Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal in Leeds. See my website for more details – http://www.theothersidestory.co.uk

60 thoughts on “About

  1. Good afternoon Kate,My name is Debra Bassett and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Warwick. My research is exploring whether the promise of digital immortality will affect how people deal with death dying and grief. I have mentioned your blog in a recent published paper “Who Wants to Live Forever”. Rather than ‘lurking” on your Twitter feed and blog, I would like your consent to use some of your words in my research. Is this something you would feel comfortable with? My email address is d.j.bassett@warwick.ac.uk

  2. Hello my name is katie hughes. Just to let you know I am a health care support worker within Wales. You have inspired me to better myself and I start a university course the 4th of April to become a nurse. I know you have a million things going on and no doubt think I’m a complete weirdo bothering to email because I have nothing of any real importance to say just thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and helping the nhs become a better place for everyone

    • I start my chemo on the 4th April Katie but I’ll be thinking about you. Good luck as you begin your career. Healthcare really is the most wonderful area to work – focus on doing your absolute best for each patient and seeing them as people before illnesses xx

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