The things I love about life…

Serious illness has forced me to think hard about how I spend my remaining time on this planet and what I really enjoy about life. 

This is my list. What would you put on yours?


My family & friends

Being a doctor 


Lazy Sunday mornings with no alarm clocks

Cuddles with my nephews & niece

My flute


Cherry blossom

British asparagus

Podding peas in my parents’ garden

Strawberries and cream


Crunching autumn leaves

Band practice

Exploring new places

Going out for dinner

Sunday roasts


Willow trees



Clean bed linen

Spa days

My kitchen





Afternoon tea


30 thoughts on “The things I love about life…

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  2. Splashing in puddles in the rain

    Freshly baked bread

    Raising money for the hospital that has kept me alive since Feb 2011

    Seeing my children aged 14 and 11 now growing up every day

  3. My children; I love them so much
    The sound of rain splashing down against my study window . . like now!
    Memories of people gone
    Making jam
    Green spaces
    Anything new. . . . . . . .

  4. Walking at dawn on an empty beach before the world has awoken
    The reflection of sunsets in eastern skies
    Music … above all music
    My dear companions, my dogs
    And the companionship of special friends

  5. Clean sheets
    An open fire
    My French horn
    Making music with others
    My dog

  6. Things I love:

    My family, especially my nieces
    My friends, and their children
    The sun sparkling on water
    The bright green leaves of Spring
    Wild flowers in hedgerows
    Misty mornings
    New places
    Old, familiar places
    Freshly ironed bed sheets – especially when I’ve shaved my legs, I guess it’s a girl thing 😉
    A dress that fits like a glove
    Happy memories of my much missed brother

  7. My partner
    My two beautiful daughters
    many friends
    Bradgate Park
    Chocolate fudge cake
    Abigails footstep charity
    Wine tasting/fairs
    like you… The smell and feel of crisp bed linen
    Hot air balloons

  8. My son
    my family
    my cat
    laughing until my cheeks hurt
    the colour of the world when you stop and look
    precious memories of special people
    the taste of food and life
    music that brings memories
    stories that touch me
    sunflowers and bluebells
    a beach in Cornwall
    and clean sheets!

  9. Discovering new words
    Cheesy music
    Liquorice Allsorts
    My loving, honest, bravehearted husband-to-be
    My parents, with all their strengths and weaknesses
    Feeling my feelings
    Mountains everywhere
    Nepal, the Nepali language, Nepalese people
    Ama Dablam, a 6-000+ m peak in Nepal (‘Mother’s Jewel Box’)
    Playing the piano
    Sacha Baron Cohen
    Maggi Smith
    Reese Witherspoon
    My dear, supportive and hilarious friends
    Courageous people like you, Ms Granger, who live life to the full as far as possible and help us all in the process…
    and so much more.

  10. My “The things I love about life” list would also include

    Riding my bike
    Random wandering in parks, museums & markets
    Smell of frangipani after rain
    Taking photos
    People watching
    Random acts of kindness both given & received
    Walking near the sea
    Clean sheets!

    Thanks Kate for sharing.

  11. My son
    Friends & family
    My cat curled beside me
    The smell of bonfire smoke
    Snow falling
    Oak trees
    Cow parsley
    The garden after rain
    Very cold white wine
    Warm fresh bread & butter
    A nice cup of tea
    Losing myself in a good book
    Music that evokes memories
    The sea
    A fresly made bed with cotton sheets (especially in a hotel when I haven’t made it!)

  12. I read an article in a newspaper once about a guy who had started a blog about Awesome things (the little things in life that make you smile) He also now has a number of books (The Book of Awesome). I have a few. They sure cheer you up and remind you about the little things in life. If you need a smile, his blogsite is

  13. isn’t it funny/wonderful how many of the best things in iife really are free. thanks for the reminder and I wish you lots more of them all

  14. Things I love about life = Connecting, however distantly, with truly intelligent people, such as you. Thank you so much for giving me (us, the interwebs, the world) so much of yourself. Love.

  15. Reading, Palomino pencils, Montana skies, aspen leaves, my kids’ brown eyes happy, the shipping forecast, Mount Rainier, smooth ink, life stories. Thanks for asking, Kate. x

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  17. Just as I send this message, my ,message form yesterday appears- so sorry for my impatience just a comment from Manet the artist now as a sort of thank you – he said to his models ‘talk, laugh, move’…let’s all keep doing this–Kate you are inspirational for so many people- thank you again…

  18. Listening to my son singing every morning…

    Cooking for my family…

    i realise i don’t appreciate these little things enough. Thanks for the post

  19. Love it when I visit your page and find that you are still going strong, love it that there are people like you, in fact You, whom I have never met in the world, love it that you have had so many of these things and can still appreciate some of them. You are an inspiration Kate thank you!

  20. The Moon, Sun, rain, even getting soaked to the skin is refreshing, Christmas mornings, family, everybody who I work with, huge old oak trees, would be even better if they could talk.. I love those thingys that you put over your shoes so you can walk with confidence and enjoy it in the ice and snow when it threatens to grind the country to a halt, love music and dancing even bad dancing any dancing in fact.

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