I was recently a hospital in-patient with post-operative sepsis following a stent exchange procedure. During this admission I made some observations on the quality of my care. Perhaps the starkest of these was that not every member of staff who approached me introduced themselves. We have it drilled into us on day 1 of Clinical Medicine learning that starting the relationship with a patient begins with an introduction. It was easy marks in our exams. I’m sure it is the same for nursing and other healthcare professionals too. But something has failed…

As a healthcare professional you know so much about your patient. You know their name, their personal details, their health conditions, who they live with and much more. What do we as patients know about our healthcare professionals? The answer is often absolutely nothing, sometimes it seems not even their names. The balance of power is very one-sided in favour of the healthcare professional.

I have always been a strong believer in getting to know people’s names as part of building good working relationships with both patients and other colleagues. I think it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care and often getting the simple things right, means the more complex things will follow more easily and naturally.

So here the idea of #hellomynameis is born. If you support this idea please leave a comment below with your introduction to a patient. By doing this you are pledging to introduce yourself to every patient you meet. Please share this page with as many healthcare professionals as possible and let’s make things better… The NHS employs 1.7 million people. The majority of these people will interact with patients on some level. Let’s see how many pledges we can get!

Here is mine to get us started:

“Hello. My name is Dr Kate Granger. I’m one of the senior doctors who will be looking after you on the ward while you’re with us. How are you feeling today?”


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  1. Hello my name is Tess I’m a return to practice nurse student and I’m looking after you today, can I help you with anything ? Don’t forget your call bell is right here so don’t be afraid to call me if you need any thing.

  2. Hello my name is Rebecca I am the senior in charge of the shift today,If you need anything or you have any concerns please ask for me. I will be available to talk anytime.

    • Hello my name is Christine and I am a social worker and how
      right you are Kate. I fee encouraged by your campaign. Please, please all staff caring for people in whatever capacity make the connection. You never know when it will be your turn. Lets treat each other each respect that we all are entitled to.

  3. Hello my name is Matt Birkbeck, I am a trainee clinical scientist in Medical Physics. You probably won’t see me much as I’m not directly patient facing. However, clinical scientists have a huge impact on your treatment. Working on treatment plans, dose calculations, attending MTD’s with doctors, nurses and other HCP’s. That’s only to name a few things we do as a profession. Anyway back to work for me!

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  5. World Health Innovation Summit will be adopting the Dr Kate Granger initiative #hellomynameis for all it’s events and activities. We would like to thank Dr Kate Granger for all her inspiring work to improve our health services and we would also like to thank Deirdre Munro founder of the Global Village Midwives for suggesting this fantastic idea – Gareth Presch
    “Together, We Inspire”
    Join us on the 1st February 2016 as we aim to get #hellomynameis trending worldwide

  6. Hello my name is aine. I am doing a project as part of a course I am doing. I am pledging to support the movement of “hello my name is”.
    Our aim is to improve the service users experience of their care by improving the way they are communicated with by the health care providers. So their journey will start with “hello my name is”.

  7. Hello my name is Jane and I am so impressed with this campaign!
    I am a nurse and was appalled when I was in hospital a few years ago, I felt like a slab of meat, nurses and other health professionals coming to my bedside to do things like empty a catheter and not even acknowledge I was actually a person!
    Unfortunately I was in hospital again last year and had another poor experience, don’t get me wrong, not everyone is like this but it is SO basic and so sad that a campaign like this is necessary,
    I wish you well Kate and thank you for your hard work, you are a special person.

  8. Hello my name is Gerry and I am an Assistant Director of Nursing in Disability Services. I am hugely inspired by the hellomynameis campaign and I pledge my support to encourage all staff to brighten up a person’ day with a friendly introduction.

  9. Hello, my name is Iain Johnston. I am a new member of staff at the Trust working within Infection Prevention & Control. I am very keen to promote good professional relationships between staff and patients and I believe that Dr. Granger is on to a winner with this initiative.

  10. Hello my name is Holly
    I’m a student psychiatric nurse
    but I will be your personal carer for today if you need anything please let me know nothing is too big or too small so don’t be afraid to ask I’m only a buzzer away.

  11. Yesterday I went to Exeter Hospital for my next CAT scan. The gentlemen introduced themselves with, hello, I’m Neil and this is Chris and we’ll be looking after you while we do your CAT scan today. They both took the time to look at me and smile at me. They were welcoming and I felt less nervous. I went home happier than I went in. Thanks.

  12. Hello my name is Keeley and Im going to be doing a breathing test with you today.
    I pledge to treat every patient as an individual and not ‘the next patient’ to make sure everyone feels valued and cared for.

  13. Hello my name is Suan,I am going to take your picture today……or Hello may name is Suan,I am going to do your CT today… first we will consent you to allow mevto do this for you,then I will….

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  15. Hello, my name is Sharon Cottingham, I am the Nurse Unit Manager here and would like to welcome you to our service. If you have any questions, concerns or need anything please let us know so we can help.

  16. hello my name is marie, i am a first year student nurse and i will be assisting with your care today, is that ok with you?

  17. Hello my name is Judi.
    I am a dialysis sister and think this is such a simple effective tool for all healthcare staff to use. I’m now in the habit of using it regularly and I can feel the difference it makes to patients. Well done for setting this up.

  18. Hello, my name is Jackie & I’m one of the nurses looking after you today. How are you? (Just before leaving ……..) Is there anything else I can do for you? If you think of anything just let us know, your buzzer is right here (please make sure the buzzer is within reach, I know it’s fairly obvious but sometimes the buzzer is not near the person who may need it)

  19. Hello, my name is Rosaria Indah. I am a physician from Indonesia and currently pursuing Ph.D. program at The University of Sydney. My research project is on the doctor-patient relationship. One of the topic that I am interested in is the importance of introducing yourself as a health care provider to your patients. This blog of yours is really inspiring. Thank you, Chris, for updating this blog so I can learn from Dr Kate Granger. Greetings from the land Downunder.

  20. Hello, my name is Chloe, I’m a student Occupational Therapist. How are you today? Is it alright if I come and have a chat with you?

    • I am always so happy that people introduce themselves. If we are going to claim we focus on person-centred care – we need to use our names and refer to people by name – and in dementia care we need to be sure we wear a name badge (and they do too) that is large enough to be seen. During COVID it is helpful to put your photo on the name badge too. As the sang in Cheers – “Everyone wants a place . . . where everyone knows your name!”

  21. Hello, my name is Palasha. I’m one of the physiotherapists who will be looking after you in the ward while you’re with us. How are you feeling today?

    Love the initiative Dr. Kate. It is truly horrifying about the treatment of patients. We need more patient centred approach in this world.

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